Shannon Cooper's Academy of Dance
Recital Info
Recital 2017 is complete!!
​Thank you to everyone who made this year another success!! We look forward to next year.

Recital 2018
​June 15th at 6pm and 16th 11am at Octorara High School

Costume Pick Up Day
​Saturday April 28th from 10am-12pm

Recital Pictures
Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th at the Dance Studio
​Times posted below

Tickets will go on sale Friday May 18th at the studio
​Cash or Check Only!!! No Credit Cards will be accepted!
​Tickets are $12 assigned seating
Recital Tights Order Form
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Recital Handbook
Recital Pictures May 4th and 5th at the Dance Studio

Friday May 4th 
5pm                 Saturday Predance
5pm                 Saturday Kinderdance
5pm                 Saturday Ballet 1
5:30pm         Tuesday Pre Ballet
5:30pm         Tuesday Ballet 1
5:30pm         Tuesday Ballet 1B
6pm                 Wednesday Pre Jazz
6pm                 Wednesday Tap 1
6pm                 Saturday Hip Hop 1
6:30pm         Tuesday Jazz 1
6:30pm         Thursday Beginner Breaking
7pm                 Thursday Intermediate Breaking
7pm                 Saturday Pre Tap
7:30pm         Tuesday Jazz 1B
7:30pm         Tuesday Hip Hop 2
8pm                 Thursday Hip Hop 1
8pm                 Thursday Teen Hip Hop
8:30pm          Tuesday Teen Jazz 1/2
8:30pm          Saturday Contemporary 1/1B
8:30pm          Wednesday Teen Ballet/Contemporary
Saturday May 5th 
9:30am           Individual & Sibling Pictures
10am               Monday Predance
10am               Monday Kinderdance
10:30pm        Tuesday Kinderdance
10:30am        Thursday Kinderdance
11am                Wednesday Ballet 2
11am                Monday Ballet 3
11am                Monday Ballet 4
11:30am         Monday Ballet 5
11:30pm         Monday Ballet A/B
11:30pm         Monday Contemporary 2/3
12pm                Monday Contemporary 4
12pm                Monday Contemporary A/B
1pm                  Monday Tap 2
1pm                  Thursday Tap 3
1pm                  Thursday Tap 5/A/B
1:30pm           Wednesday Jazz 2/3
1:30pm           Wednesday Jazz 4
1:30pm           Wednesday Jazz 5
2pm                   Wednesday Jazz A/B
2pm                   Thursday Hip Hop 3
2:30pm            Thursday Hip Hop 4
2:30pm            Thursday Hip Hop A/B
3pm                   Crew
3pm                   Company
Classes Performing in Recital A (June 15th)
Monday Tap 2
Monday Ballet 5
​Monday Ballet A/B
​Monday Contemporary A/B
Tuesday Kinder
​Tuesday Jazz 1
​Tuesday Pre Ballet
Tuesday Ballet 1
Tuesday Ballet 1B
Tuesday Hip Hop 2
​Tuesday Jazz 1B
​Wednesday Pre Jazz
Wednesday Tap 1
Wednesday Ballet 2
Wednesday Jazz 5
Wednesday Jazz A/B
​Thursday Beginner Breaking 
​Thursday Tap 4/A/B
Thursday Hip Hop 1
Thursday Hip Hop A/B
Saturday Predance
Saturday Kinder
Saturday Pre Tap
Saturday Contemporary 1/1B
Saturday Hip Hop 1
Saturday Ballet 1
Senior and Junior Company 
Classes Performing Recital B (June 16th)
Monday Predance
Monday Kinder
Monday Ballet 5
Monday Ballet 4
Monday Contemporary 2/3
Monday Ballet A/B
Monday Ballet 3
Monday Contemporary 4
Monday Contemporary A/B
Tuesday Teen Jazz
Wednesday Jazz 4
Wednesday Jazz 5
Wednesday Jazz 2/3
Wednesday Jazz A/B
Wednesday Teen Ballet/Contemporary
Thursday Kinder
Thursday Tap 3
Thursday Tap 4/A/B
Thursday Hip Hop 3
Thursday Intermediate Breaking
Thursday Hip Hop 4
Thursday Hip Hop A/B
Thursday Teen Hip Hop
Senior and Junior Company